Tourist Guide on the 4 Best Beaches in California

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California covers a lot of beach area on the west coast of the US. Californian beaches are often advertised as expensive beaches surrounded with luxury resorts. However, it also has a lot of nice beaches that middle class people frequently go. The following is a list of the best 4 beaches in California. 

  1. Venice Beach

Venice Beach is a large sandy beach lined with tall palm trees in Los Angeles, California. The beach gets its repitation from the filming of TV series. Venice Beach is just a short walk from Muscle Beach. There is a boardwalk and skateboard park. Most visitors come to the beach to stroll or cycle bicycles. Along the boardwalk, you will find vendors selling various items for example souvenirs, food, bags, and artwork. There is a car park nearby but you can save money by parking it on the beach. There are police and guards walking around to patrol the beach area. 

  1. Santa Monica State Beach

Santa Monica State Beach is a large fine sandy beach with a small pier. The beach is clean without any litter of plastics in the water. It provides facilities like lifeguards, changing room, shower room, toilets, gym, and bicycle rental. There are lifeguards posted at every 50 meter. You can go body boarding and surfing on this beach. Along the pier, you will find a few affordable seafood restaurants. Some vendors walk around selling different stuff like ice cream, and drinking water. The weather can get hot so you may want to consider buying a towel and renting an umbrella. The water at Santa Monice State Beach has a lot of drag so you must be a good swimmer if you want to go swimming here. 

  1. Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Beach is a small beach with a laid back atmosphere in Los Angeles County in California. Every day, locals would come to the beach to play volleyball. You can bring your fishing rod and cast a line at the Hermosa Pier. Along the pier, you will find shops that rent bicycles and other beach supplies. There are also shops that rent surfing equipment and offer surfing lessons on the hill at Pier Avenue. You can also carry out activities like cycling, strolling and running at the beachfront sidewalk called The Strand. Nearby, you will find the Comedy and Magic Club where Jay Leno performs every Sunday night. Get more details about california beach information. 

  1. La Jolla Beach

La Jolla Beach is a one mile long crescent shape beach that features 300 foot sea cliffs and coves on the Southern California coastline. At La Jolla Beach, you can frequently see surfers surfing in the ocean waves. You can also do other activities like rent a kayak, go scuba diving or bask in the sun. When the night comes, people would light bonfires. The nearby car park offers plenty of spaces for you to park your car. La Jolla Cove is situated just below a big grassy field where you can find all the basic amenities like shower room, picnic tables, and walking pavement. La Jolla Cove can be visited by kayaking or by foot through the stairs. Many scuba divers come to La Jolla Cove to see the bright orange Garibaldi fish.