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What Rehab Options Do Alcohol Addicts Have?

Any person that is addicted to alcohol needs urgent medical care as soon as possible. Among the various support options available to people struggling with alcoholism are rehab centers. Apart from rehab centers, what other treatment options do alcohol addicts have?

It’s important to understand the extent of addiction of your loved one to determine the right rehab option to go for. The causes, severity and impact of the addiction to the loved one’s family members and other people should be evaluated.

When alcoholism takes a toll on a person, he/she will have a difficult time maintaining good relationships with family members, friends, work colleagues and other people. Therefore, if you want to save your loved one and help him turn his/her life around, it is critical to find the ideal rehabilitation program. Friends and family members can help to convince the addict to enroll into a rehab program. When an addict joins a treatment program, this is usually the first step in a series of decisions he/she will have to make to lead a healthier life.

You will come across different rehab centers in various states around the country. The centers run a number of rehab programs that are proven to help addicts kick their alcoholism habit. The rehab centers may offer outpatient care, inpatient care, continuing care or a combination of the type of care.

Below is an overview of the rehab program options you can select for your loved one.

28-Day In-house Program
With a residential or inpatient program, alcohol addicts have to stay in a residential facility for a number of days for treatment. You can either choose an institution that is in or out of state. Ideally, you want a facility that is far enough for the patient to be completely anonymous and the treatment to be confidential.

Majority of treatment centers have programs that run for 28 days. The programs are offered to both adolescent and adult patients.

Day Programs
Patients that enroll in outpatient or day programs receive treatment during the day but go to their homes in the evening. The programs usually require patients to commit to attending a specific number of treatment hours at the facility. The programs also involve the family members of the patient in the rehabilitation exercise.

Outpatient treatment centers have modern facilities, professional staff and counsellors and offer proven programs. You can be sure that your loved one will be comfortable, comforted and cared for in the facilities.

Continuing Care
With continuing care, alcohol abusers are enrolled in programs continually to aid their recovery. This care is important especially for patients that were severely addicted to alcohol.

Continuing care is a sort of aftercare that enables patients to live healthier lives and avoid relapse. Experts recommend continuing care to ensure a person fully overcome alcoholism.

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