Best First Time Leg Workout For New Gym Members

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Going to the gym for the first time can be scary and rewarding at the same time. Many people have few of judgement when going to the gym or are scared of what their performance may be while in the gym. But the real answer to this is that nobody cares about what you are doing in the gym, normally they are just as focused on themselves as you are. Many people don’t know exactly what to do while in the gym and unsure of how to utilize their time while there. Here are some of the best workouts for the lower body, you can try on your first or next leg workout.

Building your leg workout around a compound movement such as the squat is a great place to start. The squat has a couple variations, traditional weighted back squat, weighted front squat, goblet squats, as well as other variations. Each movement works out your legs but may have a focus on specific muscle groups or areas. If you are trying to build your glutes and lower back, back squat is where you want to be. Front squats however primarily hits upper back and quads. It can be good to switch up forms when trying to prioritize certain muscle groups, or when hitting a plateau.

The squat form can be difficult to master. That is why when you are new to any of the Gym Membership Services detroit mi it is better to learn proper technique with less weight. This can help prevent injury and keep you on your workout path. When squatting try to keep your back straight, you don’t want to round out your back. Another thing to keep a focus on is your depth. There is some debate about what is beneficial and what is redundant when it comes to squat depth. Your knees to a 90 degree angle is about as low as you want to go. After hitting 90 degrees worth of depth, some people hold this pose for a few seconds. This is referred to as a paused rep. It keeps your body in control and is another way to hit your muscles.

After three or four sets of your main compound movement. (Front squat, back squat etc) round out your workout with accessory movements. These are movements that are more focused on one body part, instead of something like the squat which has an impact on most of the body. Lunges and calf raises can be great accessory movements. These exercises can be performed with or without weights. Any machine that hits legs can be considered an accessory movement. Your gym may have calf raise machines, hamstring curls, leg extensions, or leg press machines. All of these pieces of equipment come in different styles and variations. Some are free weight while others have the weight built in. Picking 3 or 4 of these other exercises can supplement and help round out your leg workout.

Starting in the gym can be difficult. But going in with a plan is always a better option. If you go into the gym knowing what you are gonna do, not only makes you look more confident but it makes you actually more confident.